Mark Winkeler to the EIC Board of Governors

ELANTAS PDG, Inc. (EPDG) is pleased to announce Mark Winkeler, Manager of Application Technology, has been nominated for and accepted a place on the Electric Insulation Conference (EIC) Board of Governors. Winkeler has been the Chairman for the exhibit for the past four conferences.

A part of the IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society (DEIS), EIC was established in 1958. In 2018, it will be holding its 36th conference. The annual conference brings together professionals from the industry to discuss the latest developments in the area of electrical insulation. The EIC is aimed at fostering free discussion of technical topics.

The Board of Governors is the governing body of the EIC and is responsible for all policy and operating decisions. The Board appoints the General Conference Chair for each conference, and they develop the selection criteria and approve nominees for the Golden Omega Award (given in odd years for business leadership in the electrical field) and the John Tanaka Distinguished Leadership Award (given in any year when there is a deserving candidate).

The Board of Governors position has a duration of three years with the possibility of a three-year extension.

ALTANA is a global leader in true specialty chemicals. The Group offers innovative, environmentally compatible solutions for coating manufacturers, paint and plastics processors, the printing and packaging industries, the cosmetics sector and the electrical and electronics industry. The product range includes additives, special coatings and adhesives, effect pigments, sealants and compounds, impregnating resins and varnishes, and testing and measuring instruments. ALTANA's four divisions, BYK Additives & Instruments, ECKART Effect Pigments, ELANTAS Electrical Insulation, and ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants, all occupy a leading position in their target markets with respect to quality, product solution expertise, innovation and service.

Headquartered in Wesel, Germany, the ALTANA Group has 49 production facilities and more than 50 service and research laboratories worldwide. Throughout the Group about 6,000 people work to ensure the worldwide success of ALTANA. In 2016, ALTANA achieved sales of more than 2 billion euros. About 6 percent of sales are invested in research and development every year. Its high earning power and high growth rate make ALTANA one of the most innovative, fastest growing, and profitable chemical companies in the world.

ELANTAS produces insulating materials for the electrical and electronics industry. They are found in electric motors, household appliances, cars, generators, transformers, capacitors, digital cameras, wind mills, computers, lamps, circuit boards, and sensors, and help to ensure that product design engineers can construct ever smaller and more powerful electronic devices, thus saving materials and energy.

The ALTANA division, which is managed by a holding company headquartered in W esel/Germany, has nine independent manufacturing companies in all major regions worldwide. In 2016, ELANTAS employed a total workforce of 976 people.