Impregnating Materials

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ELANTAS Beck India offers a wide product range in solvent-borne varnishes and solvent-less resins up to a thermal class of 200 °C. Our products meet the highest environmental demands. ELANTAS Beck India is the first Indian company to launch environmentally-friendly products, such as cresol-free wire enamels, water-soluble varnishes, and monomer-free UP resins. Our single-component unsaturated polyesterimide resins speak of our commitment towards offering the finest customer-friendly products.

Insulating Varnishes

  • Binder varnishes for glass-fibre covered and braided wires
  • Impregnation of electrical machine windings transformers, magnet coils for thermal class 120 to 200 equipment
  • Coating of core plate laminations, capacitors, electronic components, etc.
  • Impregnation of hermetically sealed motors
  • Impregnation of glass-fibre sleevings, tapes, etc.
  • Finishing varnish coatings for improved moisture and track resistance
  • Selected product tradenames are ISOPOXY, Elmoglas, Elmotherm, Elmo®, ISONEL®, Elmo Luft, and Becktol

Insulating Resins

  • Solvent-less resins for impregnation of electrical machine windings up to thermal class 200
  • Impregnation of high-voltage machines, magnet coils, instrument transformers, D.C. machines and traction motors
  • Selected product tradenames are Dobeckan®, Dobeckot®, Epoxylite, ELAN-Tron, and Pedigree

Electrical Insulating Varnishes & Resins - Product Profile