Electrical Insulation System

The Electrical Insulation System business line comprises three product groups: wire enamels, insulating varnishes and resins, and casting and potting compounds. These products are used in the light and heavy electrical industries.

Every electrical device, e.g. motors, generators, or transformers, operates on the basis of electromagnetic induction. They convert the form and / or level of electrical energy: In motors, they convert it into motive power. Used in transformers, they change the level of electrical energy (step-up / step-down voltage).

Wire enamels are coated on copper or aluminium conductors or strips by multiple coatings in an oven. The wire enamel is a polymer dissolved in organic solvents like cresol. The coating process is referred to as wire enamelling where the polymer is cross-linked by heating in an oven at high temperatures.

Insulating varnishes and resins are the second layer of protection for electrical machines. They give electrical equipment the best mechanical stability under all operating conditions. Air is a bad conductor of heat, and replacing air inside the wire windings helps to reduce the overall temperature of the electrical machine. Curing of insulating varnishes and resins is a chemical process under the action of heat.

ELANTAS recently entered the flexible electrical insulation business. This supplies films which are used in electrical machines to provide insulation between live terminals and the core. The innovative product has been well received by the electrical industry.

For electrical equipment, such as sensors, instrument transformers, induction systems, and printed wiring boards, additional properties are desired, such as improved heat dissipation, much greater mechanical stability at high vibrational forces, noise reduction, and often the complete exclusion of environmental influences. Casting and potting compounds are used to achieve these objectives.