Casting & Potting

ELANTAS Europe offers a wide range of high performance casting resins and potting resins. Our 2-component casting and potting materials are based on epoxy, polyurethane, polybutadiene and silicone and are especially designed for areas in demanding electrical and electronic applications. Additional properties such as improved heat dissipation, much greater mechanical stability at high vibrational forces, noise reduction, and often the complete exclusion of environmental influences are required in this applications.

Our Elan-tron® and Micares® brands guarantee an optimum protection of light electrical and heavy electrical machines operated in aggressive environment and cover a broad spectrum of mechanical, electrical and self-extinguishing properties. Our Bectron® product range is especially designed for the protection of electronic devices.

Many of our products are recognised according to UL 94 (and other UL standards as 746B). Some materials are additionally certified for the use in railway applications (EN 45545 or NF F 16-101).

The light electric sector includes essential parts for everyday consumer electrical goods. The applications cover the full range from low to high voltages, such as smaller transformers, lighting, home applications, automotive uses, smaller generators and or motors for e.g. power tools, submersible pumps.

The heavy electric sector comprises larger devices that are often  operated at medium to high voltages. Transformers used for power distribution and instruments belong to this sector. Switchgears, motors and generators are also considered part of this application field.

Electronic components and devices must always withstand higher requirements such as extreme temperatures or chemical impacts. Bectron® potting materials provide highly effective protection of electronic components, such as PCB's, sensors, modules, transponders.