Structural Adhesives & Sealants

Our Elan-tech® structural adhesives and sealants are based on epoxy, epoxy-acrylate and polyurethane. We offer 1- or 2-component systems with different reactivities and a wide range of structural adhesisves especially for composite applications.

To guarantee a good bonding a propper surface preparation is essential.

The main end use markets for our structural adhesives and sealants are marine (yachting & sailing), automotive, sport items, furnishing, industry, pipe relining, abrasives, marble and stones.

Depending on your individual requirements we offer different search and selection functions to help you find the appropriate material, packaging or application device. The listed products are an extract from our actual product portfolio. More products are available on request.

Do you need further information about our structural adhesives & sealants? Please get in touch with us. We are looking forward to your email to adhesives.elantas.europe@altana.com.

Depending on your requirements our Elan-tech® product range for structural adhesives & sealants includes 1- and 2-component epoxies, epoxy-acrylates and polyurethanes.

We offer solutions a wide range of application areas such as abrasive tools, board tools, boats & windmill blades, electro-mechnical devices, magnets, panels, reinforced laminates & carbon composites, sport equipment or stone materials.