BMW Group electric mobility – From innovation to customer experience

Presenter:   Stefan Juraschek
Company:BMW Group
Title:Vice President Electric Powertrain Development
Time:12.45 - 13.25 h, 05.11.2018


Customers and markets throughout the world - due to legal regulations - have different mobility requirements. An essential part of BMW Group´s NUMBER ONE> NEXT strategy is the rapid expansion of electro mobility. Meeting the growing demands on range, charging infrastructure and charging time, comfort and costs, is a premium aspiration at the BMW Group. As a pioneer of electromobility, the BMW Group already offers a number of vehicles with electrified drives. Both the purely electrically powered BMW i3 and numerous plug-in hybrid vehicles with a combination of electric and internal combustion engines have been sold successfully. 

In 2017 alone, we delivered more than 100,000 electrified automobiles worldwide, underpinning our leadership in electro mobility, which is due to the pioneering achievements of the BMW i3 and i8, enabling the development of BMW Group's technological development and manufacturing expertise. For the year 2018, we intend to put 140,000 more electrified vehicles on the road - and by the end of this decade we will have delivered a total of half a million fully and partially electrically powered vehicles.

Thanks to the BMW Group modular construction kit development, the consistent electrification of all vehicle segments can be carried out particularly quickly, efficiently and sustainably. The BMW Group is responding to this development with a highly flexible vehicle architecture and a production system that produces a wide range of drive variants on the same production line - thus we can always deliver the desired vehicle to every customer and satisfy all (customer) needs of urban and long-haul mobility, ecological and regulatory requirements, as well as the typical BMW pleasure of driving in different models and specifications.

The BMW Group has firmly established in-house core competencies for the electric drivetrain as a driver of performance and technology. Innovation, development and production, create competitive advantages. In-house competencies also provide the basis for the development of BMW Group´s new generation of electric drivetrain, which will be scalable and integrated across all BMW series from 2021. Here, the powertrain components (power electronics, transmission, and e-machine) are integrated into a single housing. 

The BMW Group has opened a new chapter with the development and series implementation of e-machines in electrified vehicles. In addition, the BMW Group supports projects worldwide for a public charging infrastructure, for example in Europe, the BMW Group is involved with other car manufacturers in building a network of 400 fast-charging stations by 2020. This underlines that the BMW Group understands the transformation towards electric mobility as a holistic change. From the development of the vehicle, to connected use-cases, the charging requirements, daily usability, second life storage systems for home- and industrial-applications on to a nearly complete recycling-process at the BMW Group e-mobility is being thought as compete customer experience.