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Managing Director  S. Huang Office Manager  F. Chong Finance Manager C. Lim Operation Manager Kang LH Production Manager Sanusi O Customer Service Manager LS Ong Sales Director Tan PL Business Line Manager Wire Enamels Tan PL Technical Service Wire Enamels Sanusi O Business Line Manager Electrical J Stillwell Technical Service Electrical Tommy P. Technical Service Electrical K. Ogawa Business Line Manager Electronic S. Huang Business Line Manager Engineering Materials CT Cheah Technical Service Electronic & Eng. Materials Eng YH Japan K. Ogawa Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand CT Cheah Malaysia Eng YH Korea JT Hwang Thailand Jinda R. J Stillwell Tan PL
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Office ManagerF. Chong (SuitYeenFelice.Chong@remove-this.altana.remove-this-also.com)
Finance ManagerC. Lim (GekSiewCindy.Lim@remove-this.altana.remove-this-also.com)
Operation ManagerKang LH (LapHoong.Kang@remove-this.altana.remove-this-also.com)
Production ManagerSanusi O. (Sanusi.Omar@remove-this.altana.remove-this-also.com)
Customer Service ManagerLS Ong (LeySuan.Ong@remove-this.altana.remove-this-also.com)
Sales DirectorTan PL (PengLee.Tan@remove-this.altana.remove-this-also.com)
Business Line Manager  Wire EnamelsTan PL (PengLee.Tan@remove-this.altana.remove-this-also.com)
Business Line Manager ElectricalJ Stillwell (JefferyLynn.Stillwell@remove-this.altana.remove-this-also.com)
Business Line Manager ElectronicS. Huang (Steven.Huang@remove-this.altana.remove-this-also.com)
Business Line Manager Engineering MaterialsCT Cheah (ChuanTeong.Cheah@remove-this.altana.remove-this-also.com)
Technical Service
Technical Service Wire EnamelsSanusi O (Sanusi.Omar@remove-this.altana.remove-this-also.com)
Technical Service ElectricalTommy P. (Tommy.Pimpasingh@remove-this.altana.remove-this-also.com)
Technical Service ElectricalK. Ogawa (Koji.Ogawa@remove-this.altana.remove-this-also.com)
Technical Service Electronic & Eng. MaterialsEng YH (YuwHong.Eng@remove-this.altana.remove-this-also.com)

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