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Horizontal casting

The project company is potting their motors with our Elan-tron® MC 62/W 363. The system is used for stators, but they have a new requirement for a protective potting of the magnets inside of the rotors. As first approach they tried to use Elan-tron® MC 62/W 363. The reason for that choice was that they already made previously a positive experience with the product, especially regarding the parameter for the glass transition temperature (TG) and hardeness.It is not a fast curing product, and this would have been a bottle neck for their production. So a faster curing product was requested.

A new casting system..... a challenge for us?

Special Coating: across the new challenge

The introduction of special products for special markets, articulated in various sectors like cookware, can-and-coil coating, packaging, anti-corrosion and fire industry, is the new challenge of ELANTAS Europe. The development of the new special polymer families into these alternative markets has been possible thanks to the good perception, the flexibility, the dynamism and the efficiency of ELANTAS Europe expertise.

Special Coatings and the trend to eco-friendly and hydrolyzed solutions.

Outlook wire enamel industry

In the wire enamel industry, it is essential to have large-scale production of high quality products at a low cost because the market is quite competitive. The global wire enamels industry has experienced astonishing structure-wise changes in the recent years. To get the competitive advantage, the companies have been investing in research and development to develop cost reducing process improvements. Due to these continual efforts in the industry, there have been advancements in technology, which have helped to cut production costs and increase productive capacity.

Read more about wire enamels and the industry.

A reliable solution for electric traction motors for full electric vehicles

The challenge was to have a flexible plant where the stators are fully impregnated with the best slot filling as possible. Bdtronic developed a small plant where just 3 stators were impregnated by roll dip simultaneously, with a very fast cycle in terms of pre-heating, gelling and curing. The reason behind this, instead of developing a larger roll dip plant, was mainly due to the small impregnation area available and the possibility to be flexible in terms of numbers of impregnation units.

A special customer demand....how did we go on in this project? 

From qualification to start of production

The Electric Power Steering units (EPS) provides steering assistance with an electro-mechanical power unit. The EPS is mounted on the upper column, hence, it is specially designed for the requirements and the small installation space in the cockpit area. Simplified such steering assistance systems function by means of a magnet on the steering rod and a magnetic sensor, which detects the steering wheel position. The signal is analyzed and depending on the steering wheel position it regulates the steering assistance by the power unit. In order to preserve the functionality over long-term period it is mandatory to protect the sensitive electronic components by use of conformal coatings.

Conformal coatings in the automotive industry.. think global!

Potting of explosion proof capacitors

The project company had troubles with their actual supplier of epoxy gel for the application of explosion proof capacitors. The main problem was the reactivity. Furthermore during the different seasons the stability was not permanently controlled. Especially during summertime they had a very limited shelf life of this product, moreover also viscosity was going out of control during the hottest period of the year.

It is not only a seasonal matter.....working on a solution.




From the idea to the final USB-Stick for the Scheugenpflug TechDays 2019

It was a quick and surprising request we got mid of March 2019 from Scheugenpflug "Are you interested to show a live potting together with a presentation at our TechDays in June 2019?" After a short internal discussion we accepted and built up a small team. Scheugenpflug AG came up with the idea to produce an USB stick as giveaway for the more than 430 guests. This was a perfect opportunity to develop and produce the casting mould with our new developed Silicone Elan-tech® SK 85V1-20.

A creative process... with learning effect!

ELAN-protect® UP 142 qualified for global use and supply

To establish a global quality and process, the project company decided to approve one resin, which shall be used in all production plants worldwide. One major requirement was, the material has to be produced and sourced locally. Technically the resin has to fulfil the latest HS regulations (e.g. VOC-free, no CRM material) and must be suitable for various application techniques. Production will be in China, Poland and Germany. 

Another example of globalization.. and the approach of ELANTAS.

Stone Industry - Bonding honeycomb panels to stone

ELANTAS is the leader in formulation & production of epoxy resin for stone slabs embellishment and glass fibre reinforcement, stone block epoxy resin infusion, epoxy structural adhesive for stone bonding. The stone market represents an important sector for ELANTAS, and this market segment is leading to a significant increase in sales. We are selling these products all over the world, where the stone market is wide open and our market share is growing.

Stones together with resins or adhesives?....a perfect match!

Wire enamel: across the new challenge

In the last period we are witnessing an increasing demand for enamels for flat wire application. Our challenge is to find the best solutions to allow this kind of application become standard as it is the one for round wire. Hereby a short overview of identified solution is given, with special focus on wire enamels developed in ELANTAS Europe in the last years and about future trends.

Flat wires are on the advance...an increasing demand.

Impregnation resin for large generator rotors

The customer behind this project is a world leader in the design and manufacture of power generation equipment. A very challenging application for them is the impregnation of rotors for the larger sizes of generators in production. For approval, these impregnated rotors must pass an overspeed test. This is a vigorous test involving high-speed rotation of the rotor. Under these extreme stresses, there should be minimal movement of the windings and no deflection. This testing ensures that these huge rotors do not have, what would be, a catastrophic failure. 

Extreme testing methods are no hurdle for ELANTAS' resins.